Friday, April 18, 2014

Landscape/Scene/Neighborhood/folk painting

I apologize that I've been so slow getting the information out on my first class.  As usual,  there's lots been going on.  The black cloud that seems to love the top of my head... has been sticking with me.  One good thing happens,  a really good thing, then that stinking cloud shows up.  
Sounds like I'm always whining,  doesn't it?  Sorry about that.  I promise I'm going to hold it down to a low roar,  with lots of giggles in between.  My temper gets the best of me.  A faux lawyer that has been driving me stark raving crazy since November called again last night.  I believe it was 8 or 10 times.  Straight in a row.  She doesn't take a breath between words,  just says one ugly thing after another.  She musta had a bad child hood.  Or at least I'm hoping so.  Finally,  at the top of my breath,  I SCREAM,  "are you a certified lawyer with a legal degree?  She skipped over that one,  continued telling me how many ways she's going to sue me.  Again,  at the top of my screaming voice, DO YOU HAVE A LEGAL DEGREE?  Well, actually no.  She's a Paralegal.  AHA!   She's a wanna be.  She's the ugly mouth piece that harasses people into giving her boss their very last dime.   She has called up to 10 or more times to scream at me, telling me she's going to own everything I own.  Giggles.  Can't wait to see her model those holey panties I have.  So I've had to block the sweet dear.  

With lung cancer and asthma,  it seems stress causes asthma attacks.  From what I understand,  that's what will kill me.  The asthma attack.  I tried to tell her that, explain that I can't handle the harassment.  She said that's too bad,  she wants the money,  NOW. And that dying is my problem.  So I hung up,  got on my asthma machine,  took a panic attack pill,  and prayed.  Prayer helps to calm me.  But when there's no air,  it gets scary.  The entire time,  the phone is ringing and ringing and ringing.  The Lord was good to me.  He didn't let me die.  

Teaching/sharing what I've taught myself has always been something I wanted to do.  We've figured it out,  by the classes being late in the day,  I can rest early,  and be my best by the time the class starts.  Besides,  being with other artist/creative/fun people always invigorates me.  And seeing someone learn, discover something that lights up their heart is the best medicine in the world.  It makes me think I can fly.

The very official PA says I have a business,  so she'll sue me for that also.  Which was very depressing.  Supplies, etc.  are expensive.  So,  sometimes I may just ask for donations.   This is so important to me,  she will not take it away from me.  Even if I can't pay the light bill,  as long as my health holds up.  The stress is the worst.  

Sorry,  this in entirely way too much complaining.  Enough of this. But I am praying she gets a huge zit on the end of that crooked nose,  Lord forgive me.  LOL  LOL  LOL  

Would you like to learn how to make a small wall hanging folk art quilt?  I don't have enough sewing machines to do thread sketching,  and thank God not enough money to buy them. ... LOL.... BUT,  they would look fabulous with funky hand stitching,  embellishing, painting, attached to a canvas.  An 8 x 10 would be a perfect size to attach to a larger painted black canvas to form a kind of frame/background?  I'll give it a try,  and see what y'all think.

What else would you like to learn or try?  Is anyone interested in chip carving?  I cut myself in the kitchen,  but rarely when I'm chip carving.  You learn to have more control of the knife.  We'll only do 2 layers of wood,  so it won't be so intimidated.  

How about some clay dolls?   Air dry clay heads,  then a fabric body.  We can do clay feet and hands,  or just paint the fabric.  Sewing the clothes to the fabric body is fun and gives them that home made look,  which I love.  

Got an idea on making ornaments for Christmas, Halloween, fall, or Easter.  Or just good luck?  We would meet maybe once a week or whenever you can,  all your stuff kept in a shoe box,  Pay a monthly small amount to come play.  I can help you,  supply the stuff,  and we can giggle and be creative and have fun.  I love this idea cause everyone would be working on something different,  and bringing something different to the table.  Give it some thought please.  The more heads thinking,  the better the ideas,  I hope.  

Once more,  I've written a book.  giggle.... By now I know you realize  I talk - I write.  I enjoy all of you so much,  it's hard for me not to.  I love your comments,  but know you're busy with your day.  And I encourage you to follow those dreams.  The pollen yuck is out this week,  so I'll be in the house.  Just one treatment after turning off the phone last night.  But then I can't lay down because it makes my lungs constrict,  makes it hard to breath.   I cannot imagine someone not caring that they cause you physical harm.  And they only do it for money.  

Sorry,  obviously I haven't gotten that nightmare off my mind yet. I'll work on that.  I'll pray for that.  Thank you for reading my woes and giggles.  You are the best,  and I do so appreciate you. much love.... PJ

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

American Folk Art Landscape painting Studio Art Party Class

PJs having a folk art class on landsapes!

You've seen several of my small 8x10 inch folk landscapes on canvas board?  Yes, that's the ones.  Sometimes they have cotton fields, skinny dippers, women feeding the chickens, and way too many chickens.  And those big fluffy cotton ball clouds.  Coming back to you now,  huh?   LOL  I thought so.  

Nope,  you can not bring a photo you want  to paint.  This is a learning class,  not  a "just like so and so's painting".  ha!  I'll do very little of the work for you,  but I'll talk you to death.  I'm a firm believer you don't learn much if someone else did it.  Just my opinion.  tee hee.  So whatever you've learned in other classes,  hang 'em on the door coming in.  Cause none of that's going to apply for this wild and crazy class.  Good or bad,  you shall be the artiste'.  grin.  

Dig out those paint clothes,  you'll need 'em.  Don't have a baby sitter, or the grand kids are over for the weekend?  Come to our next class.  Don't want those kids being bored and PJ being cranky.  Cranky PJ is NOT a good thing.  

Need a refund?  Get it to me no later than the 21st of April or it'll be applied to another class you'll want to take.  There's going to be so many different classes,  you'll be the smartest, most inspired artist around.  I promise!  

Rememeber,  everything is supplied,  just show up with a smile on your face,  and leave that stress at home.  giggles....


The class starts at 6:30pm and ends at 9:00pm just about.  April 26, 2014 on Saturday late afternoon.  

It's $50 for this class, everything provided, except your drinks and snacks. If it's alcohol you're drinking,  you better drive safely.  Sheriff lives down the street.  :)   If the painting doesn't get dry in time,  I can mail it to you, or you can pick it up another day.  
If you like it a lot,  get a WalMart 8x10 frame to fit it,  and we'll do a funky art frame for it.  That would be fun!  
Hope to hear from you soon.  I have a small classroom,  so it fills up fast.  xoxoxoxo yall are the best! Almost forgot!  On  there will be more details as soon as I get 'em on there.  time for a baby nap. xooxo  It'll be similar to one of these landscapes with lots of color, of course.

Another detail.  I'm hoping to have lots of different instructors,  not just me.  So keep you calendar open,  it's going to get wild around here.  We're going to have things men will be interested in.  My chip carving,  R might teach whimsey carving.  Kathleen is interested in teaching cooking classes (she is such a great cook) and there is more ideas running races around in my head.  I'm looking so forward to teaching art/fabric/quilts.  The whacky kind,  my style. :)  Also,  one friend asked if I couldn't have a class on teaching woman more about working with tools.  Isn't that a great idea?   I promise,  they're no more dangerous than an old sewing machine.  Don't put your finger under the needle,  it can't bite you.  Plain and simple.  LOL

OK,  I'm going to try to schedule the classes a month at a time until disorganized PJ gets the hang of it.  So say a prayer and cross those fingers for me.  Cause we're gonna have FUN!  And we're gonna learn stuff.  So make up you mind to that.  A friend I lost years ago,  Bo, said if you learn it,  no one can take it away from you... ever.  That was the best advice ever.  I live by it.  So you're going to learn something while you're laughing with friends.  That's a promise.  xoxoxoxo Ya'll are the best!
Darn it,  almost forgot,  if you absolutely have to have a refund, notify me NO LATER THAN Apri 21st NOON.  If you wait,  it goes toward another class you'd like to take later.  PJ has rules.  LOL
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Garden of Eden by PJ Hornberger 2014

'Garden of Eden'       by  PJ Sanders Hornberger 2014 ©

Finished!  Put a coat of varnish on it at 3:45am this morning,  then another one around 9:00am.  This photo doesn't do it justice,  but my butt is dragging.  It's a very very busy painting as you can see.  That's what has taken so long.  

Now for the details.  Eras Salisbury Field 1791-1872 NYC portraitist.  In the 1840s he turned to paint religious subjects.  The artists composition is based on prints by English John Martin.  He was well known in America for his visionary subjects.  However, Eras Salisbury Field put his own spin on it... just as I have.  

I've done this painting once before.  I've wanted to try it again for years.  Finally decided now or never.  I hope it speaks to you, as it does to me.  

It's not framed, but I will paint the edges of the canvas dark so it will be ready to hang. 
18 x 24 inches on stretched canvas   $750  plus $15 shipping and packing.  If you are interested,  I can send a PayPal invoice,  or I take personal check or USPostal Money Order.  Let me know if there's anyway I can help you.

If you would like a custom frame,  grained,  your choice of colors,  that would be and extra $200.   Tax added if in Texas

This is one of my best paintings.  I'm very proud that it became my vision all these years later.  Thank you.

My first art party class will be painting folk landscape paintings.  I am so excited.  Sorry I haven't set the date.  Darn flu has slowed me down.   I'll set the date in the next week or so.  Then the next class will be stamp carving,  lots and lots of stamps,  then  making a few cards with your stamps.  Sounds like fun to me.  

Time for a big fat nap.  Love yall.  You're the best.   

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Work in progress....

 Gold Finches are here! Several times they covered the wagon and ran off the squirrel.  :)

Garden of Eden WIP  I've got to look up the name of the guy that did the original of this painting.  I'm using his vision only because he's been dead for over 100 years.  By the time I get finished,  it'll look like PJ did it.  I have to put my spin on it,  or it's not mine.

I love my new studio so much,  and this is one of the reasons.  Ethel Louise visits me.  She tries to sit in the window so we can gossip,  but her butt's too big.  So we're going to add a little shelf just for her.  Look how blue her feet are getting.  I love that chicken.  And getting to watch everything that comes to eat in the wagon, or get a big gulp from the bird bath.  It's my favorite studio.  I swear it is.  giggles!  

Newsflash,  yes I'm getting classes set up,  haven't picked dates yet.  Almost got the Art House ready.  I just have a few more things to get right,  like how you sign up, etc.   Yes,  I'm going to have a class in April,  maybe two.  Got to get this show on the road!!!
More details right here.  xoxoxoxox

Friday, March 14, 2014

Work in Progress and improvements....

WIP of 'Garden of Eden'                     by  PJ Hornberger © 2014

This inspiration was originally done by Erastus Salisboury Field 1805 - 1900   painted about 1865   oil on canvas 
 h - 37  w - 44  inches

I used his vision to inspire me to do mine.  Only when the artist is dead do I use their vision.  I give  every effort to make it mine, or how I would have done it.  

As you can see all the details penciled/charcoaled in,  I have a lot more painting to do.  Plus deciding how I want the frame.  A tad more formal,  I think.  Got to give that some thought.

'Red Barn in Texas'                           by  PJ Hornberger © 2014

If you compare this one to the original in a post below,  I think you'll see the improvement.  Lots more going on here.  That pig is NOT dead,  merely scratching his back.  The flying chicken is just showing off again.  She does that every Thursday.  Have no idea why,  nor does she.  

I had the best day.  My friend Nicole came to see me.  We did the girl think,  had lunch and tried to out talk each other.  I won.  LOL  It's been way too many years since I saw her.  She has become the most beautiful smart intelligent woman, mother, wife, and friend.  I am so proud and happy for her.  She does the most beautiful flower arrangements.  Just did her first wedding that turned out fabulous.  Now she's getting into metal art.  Well,  you know that's when I was doing the happy dance.  I've always wanted to do that, but now my body says NO WAY.  So I'm hoping I get to help/encourage Nicole. She doesn't need much,  but she'll be kind and pretend for me. LOL

She has got me cranked up on giving art parties/classes in my wacky little purple building.  I'll be making flyer's tomorrow.  You can pick one up out of my hot pink mail box in front of the building.  Or I'll email one if you're on my email list.  Or email me and demand one! LOL  pjhornberger1@gmaildotcom.  They are going to be so much fun!  But I'm determined you WILL learn something,  not just sip wine and giggle all night.  LOL  No making hot pads or doilies.  We're gonna do FOLK ART.  Not what you learned in the last class you took, or what your sister said was the ONLY way to do it.  We're gonna do it PJ's way only.  Then when you get yourself home,  you get to decide what works for you.  Sounds like  a plan to me.  And you can bring a bottle of wine or cokes and snacks.  But you're gonna drink and drive responsibly cause the Sheriff's Dept. frowns on anything less.  :)   Besides,  I won't make enough $$$ to bail you out! And I want you safe!

Details,  details are on their  way.  Just some of the things I'll be teaching:
Bird and nest in a cup
folk figures
clay faces/necklaces/dolls/
folk Texas landscapes folk art style
pigs  paintings
pigs sculpted
chicken paintings
chicken sculpted
houses/card board/finishing
Tramp art Mirror frames
Stamp carving for cards/stationary
graining frames
still life flower or fruit folk paintings
art quilts/fabric art with embroidery w/beading, trim, etc.

Think that's enough to get us started?  Oh, almost forgot!  My favorite.  Books.  Art Journals, books of secrets, memories, quotes, giggles.  All kinds of altered books.  

Surely there's something in there that interest you.  big grin.  Each 1st class will be the starter.  A second class will be for more advanced ideas.  Everything will be supplied,   but you're welcome to bring a dodah here and there that you'd like  include.  

Gotta go.  My eyes think they're tired.  Love yall,  blessing to every one of you sweet people. xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It starts with a D....

Remember me talking about getting a divorce?   LOL  Well,  the subject just keeps getting funnier.  My friend Kathleen that knows just about everything.  I know that cause she told me so. giggles giggles...  I'll pay for that one.

Anyway,  she told me to call the Fayette County Court house,  then the office of...  darn it.  Can't remember which office.  Doesn't matter.  Well,  they were closed for lunch until 1pm.  No problem.  I've gotta figure out how to ask how I can do a divorce myself,  or something like that.  Don't wanna sound like some kind of fool.  Need to sound like I'm an informed intelligent woman.  

Well,  I get the sweetest young woman that works in that office.  She's so nice,  I forget about pretending to be well informed.  Asked her if they have the forms,  or what do I do?  She says everybody just goes to the library.   They copy the forms out of some book at the library.  Everybody does it.  They bring the papers in,  no problem getting a non contested divorce.  Even if you have kids.  

This uninformed unintelligent  moron is totally embarrassed and in a big hurry to get off that phone,  all the while saying,  "thank you,  thank you,  thank you."    I know I cracked a rib laughing so hard and so loud.  After a while I think they could recognize my voice at the court house before I identified myself.  That's how many different offices I have talked to about many different subjects in one week.  Horrors!

So that was last week.  LOL  This one has been a tad more calm.  R & I were trying to decide how I could cut the utilities,  so we moved the living room into the dining room.  Now I have the largest entrance, foyer, galley, whatever into my living room I've ever had.  But it is going to  work.  Photos soon.

Darn,  forgot to take photos of the newest painting I'm working on. It's the Garden of Eden.   I can't remember the artist that inspired me.  I think he died in 1900.  This will be the second time I've done  my version of his vision.  It'll look like my work,  with a twist.  
Last night I painted on it until 3 am this morning.  Just couldn't make myself quit.  

Good night good friends.  Nicole is coming to see me tomorrow.  Been way to long since I've seen that sweet girl.  She use to work with me in my studio.  We would laugh so hard,  that it was impossible to stop the giggles.  But we got a lot done.  I've so missed working with her.  She made my work days a joy!  xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No bathroom breaks...

Good morning yall.   Don't care if it's after noon,  I am just getting started.  Well,  I've been at it for awhile,  but if you're still in your gown,  I don't think it counts as much.  

Funny thing to tell you.  I am in need of a lawyer,  and have no money.  LOL  So I remember those nice folks of Legal Aide helped me all those years ago,  so here I am begging again.

Now they have a very nice website,  which I am lousy at reading.  But with a panic attack pill,  I have found I can do wonders.  So after reading the entire thing 4... no, 5 times I find the part on Family law.  They I find Fayette County.  Now I am on a roll.  Wait, stop.  What did that say?  

For Family Law I can only call on Tuesdays between 9am to 11am. That I read over 6 times.  Well forget the pill,  here comes a big panic attack.  Major one.  Then my creative worrying talent kicks in.  What if I have to pee?  What if Herbert finds someone to bark at to the top of his lungs?  What if Sweetie neeeeeds to be covered up?  He starts with a whimper, upgraded to crying,  then just sits up and barks like hell.  Until he is covered up properly,  which can take a couple of tries.  What if Shirley has to be fed again?  (she has an eating disorder)  She lets you know with a scream that can last 3 to 5 minutes.  Then there's Ethel that thinks she can crow.  

I could take the phone to the bathroom.  Oh,  gross.  I'd forget and flush.  What if there's 500 other poor people waiting,  listening to that horrible muzak they torture you with for being poor?  I can see it now.  10:45,  the recording comes on telling me I'm outta time,  call next Tuesday.  And I've peed my pants.  LOL  

Since I've been working on my anger issues,  things may be calmer,   but so boring.  But I'm being good.  Haven't mentally threatened anyone in almost a week.  You got the part about mentally, right?  You don't actually DO IT.  You just think about it,  laugh,  then you're over it.  That was suppose to work.  Doesn't.  So now I'm calm, somewhat,  and thinking they musta left their brain somewhere.  LOL  Or their parents are very closely related.  tee hee  Then they wanna know what's so darn funny.  So then I have to tell 'em it's a condition I have.  Spontaneous giggles.  They usually step back.  My new one is going to be "I'm a senior citizen"  and smile real big.  That should worry them for a day or two.  LOL  

Ok,  I think I'll try to Google lawyers in Fayette County Texas.  Last time I tried that,  not one answered the phone.  Not even recordings.   Must be hard times for them also.  I neeeeeed a cheap divorce.  No arguing over who gets what.  Just papers filed.   Surely some money is better than no money....

Yall have a really good day - all day.  And thank you for reading about my crazy life.  We all love you.  Me,  Herbert, Sweetie, Shirley, and Ethel that thinks she can crow.  .......✍  xoxox

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Dance!

Yea!  Can you see me doing the happy dance?!   Wait,  I'm gonna do another twirl.  Maybe two.

(are those girls fat or what?)

Just got off the phone with Amy from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  She IS my new hero. Randy was before,  but I'm over  him.  Amy fixed/explained where what was on the website.  So helpful.  So kind.  
I do too have insurance.   Just got a prescription that's normally $150+  for $10.  I shall eat this week and next.  Plus,  since I got my plan changed,  my payment has gone from over $600 to $149.66. 

Wondering why?  I was sick/fibromyalgia so R took care of it for me.  He put his diabetic drunk twist to it,  signed me up for the more expensive plan.  
Finally realized what had happened,  took myself a big swig of diet coke and started calling.  Talking to recordings.  I'd have to stop and cry ever so often.  Have myself a panic attack,  then back to it.  Finally tried the website again.
That's where that angel Amy lives.  I even have a credit for this month.  Excuse me,  wish I could of hugged her.  
So don't be making fun of Obama care.  I'll be able to get treatments for cancer when I need it.  I'll be able to get eye surgery before I go blind from Glaucoma,  or maybe even replace a heart valve if it decides to quit.
I know I know.  A guy on FB said he has compassion,  BUT  this is costing him money.  So I asked if it were his mother, sister, father,  or God forbid his child.... well forget it.  It's just costing way too much.  They'd just have to die.  Not his answer... mine.  He went right back to all that compassion he has,  but wants his money in his pocket.  I hope his pocket gets a hole in it.   If he were smarter he'd realize I'll be able to keep working since I'll have health care.  I'll pay taxes,  and I won't be asking him for a dime.  Besides,  he's gonna get a big ol'hole in that pocket.  I'm gonna be praying for that.  LOL

I waited a little late for photos of the ice storm.  But is that bird feeder a hoot or what.  Got the idea staring out the window of my studio.  I have at least 3 or more of those old wagons,  got to thinking how much the birds would just love having that size of a buffet.  Put the bricks in the bird bath cause it's way too deep.  Sand just gets dirty.  So they like perching on the bricks and taking a bath.  It'll lower your blood pressure and I take less panic attack pills.  :)   I'm living proof it's good for your health and mind.  

Don't even tell me you don't want the sparrows eating,   or the Blue Jays.  My mother would tell my son to shoot the ugly ones,  but not the Red birds. (BB gun)   Told him this without me knowing it.  He ended up shooting a bird,  cause Grandma said he could.  Then seeing it dead broke his heart.  I sat him down and explained that if people were like birds,  Grandma would be a sparrow.  She'd be on the top of her "shoot 'em" list.  That she wasn't half as cute as she thinks she is.  I don't think he ever shot anything again.  We did plenty of target practice,  and that was what the gun was for.  Yes,  we hunted,  but only if we ate it.  

Mother dear wouldn't feed the birds,  cause those darn ugly sparrows and black birds ate too much, plus she was NOT going to feed a squirrel. (although she squirrel hunted my entire life, cooked 'em and we ate them) This is from someone that's waddling when she walked.  LOL  She fed the deer blinds and shot her quota every year. And we ate them.  Somebody explain the difference... LOL   Oh,  everyone is a character,  with their very own quirks and irritations.  She just has a second helping as we say in Texas.   LOL  Giggles,  now I have the giggles.... I'm gonna break a rib for sure. xoxoxox

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Almost could of...

Yes,  I could have drowned this morning.  R recaulked the cheap shower we have,  then told me it had to dry for 36 days or somethin'.  Oh,  my Gawd!  Came to me later what he had said.  Called really quickly... 

Noooo,  he says.  Has to dry 36 hours.  Well, what am I suppose to do?!  I sleep with a dog.  Both of us are starting to have an aroma that'll make your nose twitch.  Chihuahua's are sweet and tiny,  but I swear they sweat like a pig.

I cannot be separated from my shower.  My shower is necessary.  I don't like sitting in dirty water.  I don't care how clean you think you were starting out,  that is dirty water you are sitting in.
And another thing,  those green people are right.  Takes less water to take a shower.  I have to have my shower for the planet. 

So just knowing I can't shower is driving me crazy.  Well,  it's a bit chilly or I'd be outside with the water hose.  So I made it through the night,  Herbert for some reason not wanting to cuddle, slept on the other side of the bed.  Showed me his teeth a couple of times.  I know he was just smiling at me.  That dog loves me. 

All of us, 2 Chihuahuas, one cat,  and even Ethel the chicken slept late.  Finally gotta brush those teeth.  I'd stare at the shower,  stare at that claw foot tub.  Back and forth.  Took a spit bath last night,  and that's about what I smelled like too.  Finally decided I'd think about the tub,  while filling it with water.  

Oh,  might as well get in.  It won't  kill me.  I'll be careful.  Creepy stuff in the water.  Was that a spider leg?  Can't sit here another minute.  Gotta get outta here.

My rather large rear will not budge.  So I think- roll over,  NOOO,  can't do that.  I have bad knees.  Won't be able to walk for a week.  Slipped back down into that wet slippery TUB.  Wrestled until I was almost over the side,  started to slip....  caught myself in the nick of time.  I came close to drownin'  I'm telling you.

So the next time you think you smell someone,  be kind.  They're probably just waitin' for the caulk to dry.  


(No, that floor is not that  dirty.  Just needs a coat of paint.   I live in a very old house that needs more love than it's gettin'.  I love old houses. I'm in need of some therapy about that. :)  )

Saturday, March 1, 2014

organize can be an obsession... no really

LOL = Laugh Out Loud !!!!  Except mine should be LOL  Reeeal Loud.  

In my life time I have gone from being a total slob,  really,  to obsessive compulsive organizing crazy person.   Seriously.  Now it's outta control.  I cringe in homes that nothing,  absolutely nothing is in or even close to being in the right/correct place.  Kinda like keeping the toilet paper in the hall closet kinda thing.  No,  not the extra.  THE toilet paper last roll toilet paper.  
I have begun... errrr.... trying to  bite my tongue to keep from saying,  "why is the bread in the living room?"   I mean really.  If you're gonna live like that,  at least teach the dog to drag it back into the kitchen.  With Chihuahua's it would be on the floor,  but hey,  that's better than half way under the sofa cushion.

Okay, now for those people that detests bad/incorrect spelling.  Well, excuse me.  I am an artist.  Might not be your choice of art,  none the less,  it is art.  So I tend to be creative... to a fault.  Spelling is one of my stronger creative urges.  My 2 children could spell.  Made you sick how well they could spell.  I have no idea where it came from.  I think it must be some kind of talent,  so of course then it had to come from me.  Win Win... tee hee

Now to show you some inspiration I found.  I truly love old folk art.  Especially the good stuff.  

 That is an awesome whale.  Middle 1800's I think.  I'm thinkin' I neeeed to do a whale.  I did several Jonah & the Whale back when I carved.  Thinking about doing another one in clay.  hmm....

 Is he fabulous or what?!  OMGosh.  Years ago I did several eagles. I use to do a lot of patriotic figures/paintings.  Got the itch again after seeing this guy.  Gonna be some saluting around here...  :)

Of course I can't remember this artists name.  He died in the 1800's.  I did my version of his painting years ago.  Oh,  I loved that painting.  I was so proud that it came out looking like PJ did it on a really good day.  Sold it the first time I showed it.  The guy that bought it named the artist,  and said he had seen the original in a museum.  He was very complimentary on my effort.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  
Several people have mentioned wanting me to do more Adam & Eve.  I think I'd rather do the Garden of Eden.  My version.  I just gessoed the canvas, 18x24.  Nice size when I add a frame.  I love his trees.  
OK,  gotta put food away so Shirley doesn't sample it while I'm snoring.  Hope you have great sweet dreams.  I'll be picking apples...  xoxoxox   Thank yall for being there.  I can't tell you what it means to get to share your art with real live people.  Yall are the best.  xoxoxox

Thursday, February 27, 2014

PJ's Folk landscape paintings

So excited to show you what I've been working on.  Between having the sale,  boxing and shipping art,  then moving my studio from one room to another...  I thought I'd never get to work on this folk painting.  When I finally got the kinks worked out on the TV problems in my studio....  that's another story.  Anyway,  got that noise going,  I started painting and couldn't quit.  

'Tellin' Scary Stories'                                     © PJ Hornberger
I got this frame exactly how I wanted it.  That does not always happen.  This painting is so busy with pumpkins and ghosts.  When my kids were young we did fires in the back yard  and told scary stories.  Made great memories, and a few nightmares.   The smoke house is similar to one I had in New Ulm, Tx.  I loved to smoke everything.  The kids liked the jerky best.  The crows in the trees remind me of the black birds here stealing pecans.  I love to hear them talk.  They have a lot to say,  and it's usually loud.  

folk painting w/frame 21 x 25 inches  Sorry,  I'm sold.  What am I sayin?  I'm not sorry,  I am over joyed,  thrilled, doin' the happy dance!  Just sorry you didn't get to see it in person cause I think it was one of my very best ever.  Now,  that's much better.  grin....  

If you're interested let me know pjhornberger1@gmaildotcom  I'll send a PayPal invoice.  

 'Big Moon tonight'                                   © PJ Hornberger
I remember my Daddy saying that.  And sometimes he was right.  Especially when you're young and small.  It could look like it would swallow the house and maybe you too.  

folk painting 5 x 7 inches  stretched canvas /no frame 

Let me know if this one needs to live at your house. I'll send a PayPal invoice.  pjhornberger1@gmaildotcom

'Red Barn'                           © PJ Hornberger
Going to the deer lease out of San Marcos,  we'd pass a pig farm past Seguin. (where they had the best BarBQ) Well, we had to stop and get those chopped beef sandwiches in Seguin.  The place was a meat market,  not a sit down and eat place.  So we'd head out of town,  the only place to stop to eat was a road side pull over.... a couple of miles from the pig farm.  If the wind was from the right direction,  we could stop and enjoy that BarBQue.  If it wasn't,  we ate in the car after we rolled down the windows and got that awful smell gone.  The BarBQue was still good anyway.  Lots of watermelon thumps around there too.  And I'm pretending the barns were that pretty. 

folk painting 5 x 7 inches stretched canvas/no frame 

Let me know if you need a few pigs and melons... I'll send a PayPal invoice.  PJHornberger1@gmaildotcom 

Thank you for supporting my art.  I'm sorry I have to start charging for packing and shipping.  R has retired from being the shipping dept.  It was a toss up if I do the packing or painting,  cause my back refuses to do both.  giggles  I think I'll have to stick to the painting.   big hugs all around...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cranky artiste' apology.. :(

I know,  I know.  I've been cranky.  Real cranky.  Been draggin' that soap box here and over there.  I have fussed about so much stuff,  I can't remember most of it.  I'm thinkin' I got a whole bunch of stuff off my chest.  LOL  And bless your heart,  you had to listen to it.

Y'all  have really big hearts,  and I'm thankful for that and a whole bunch more stuff.  I promise I will try to keep my complaining to a minimum,  or just shut up.  Which ever comes first. giggles...

One complaint. LOL  Just one.  That darn dog of mine,  Sweetie,  got me up 3 times last night,  then got R up once.  About the time I had decided to hang him by his tail,  he decided it was time to go to bed.  Never mind all the details,  but he is the most spoiled, pushy, 3 legged dog I've ever known.  

These are just some quick photos I did of the studio.  It's not completely finished,  but so very close.  :)

 Love that pink work table.  Not as hot of a pink as I intended,  but it'll make me smile and that's what counts.  
 If I can't see it,  I don't know I have it.  grin.  
 Do you remember this screen door?  I had it in the door way of the studio in the back of the house.  Then I used it for display in the gallery/store.  With 2 Chihuahuas,  and a fat cat wanting to hang out with me,  the screen door had to make another appearance.  Knowing Sweetie,  he'd want a bed and to be covered up every hour on the hour,  then Herbert would need about 3 dirty T-shirts to lay on.  Shirley would be laying in the middle of a wet canvas when I got back from the john.... If Ethel (chicken)  ever figures out that doggie door.... don't even want to think about it.
 Cannot wait to do more art quilts/fabric art.  These machines will be humming.
 This has had wine to hammers in it.  Love this baby. 
 Now I know where my tripods are,  and all that goat hair I have. 
 These shelving units will hold the world and then some.  I put foam core board on some of the shelves so the small stuff won't fall over.  Nope didn't have any cardboard.  
 I know they made these carts for me,  cause I love 'em so much.  R has cut down the corner post about 3 times.  I keep wanting my tables shorter. tee hee...
 Yes,  I've told you before and here it comes again.  Those wooden lazy susans from IKEA are the best.  I picked up a couple of plastic ones last week.  Junk,  just pure junk.  I cut these down to different sizes.  Use them on a tall stool to sculpt,  paint, everything.  Works great for brushes.
 See there,  I have been painting.  In between cutting down tables, switching tables, wiring, LOL.
 She's naked,  but she's still cute.  Must of carved her back in the early 90's.  Gonna make her some clothes.  Her hair is carved.  She hangs out with me while I work.
 Future master pieces for sure.....
Golden brand paint is my very favorite to use.  But on some things fluid acrylics work best.  And another one of my well loved carts. :)

OK,  that's enough for now.  Hope to show you the funny thing we did to the windows so the sun doesn't blind me.  You know,  all fine art artiste'  have to have northern light.  Nothing else will do.  What do I get?  Blaring East in the morning,  Blaring West in the afternoon.  I have to see out.  I have to see my birds I feed and water, and the squirrels driving Herbert stone crazy.  I just hate not seeing out.  Makes me cranky.  I end up painting grave yards and dead flowers.  
Just wait 'till you see it.  It's driving one of my noisy neighbors crazy.  She's stalking us in her car.  Parks out front and stares and stares.  She's going to out live me,   I just know it. LOL  xoxoxo