Monday, February 20, 2012

paint, paint, paint everywhere!

LOL  Yes, I painted today!  Grained frames, finished 2 paintings,  started on a folk art landscape painting.  The canvas is 8 x 10.  The frame is going to be grained red.

On the right hand column of this page, go to 'good stuff'.  Then go to Art Propelled.  Robin lives in South Africa.  She's a fabulous artist.  She carves totems.  Here's her link   Yes, that's what it says.  Goats on bicycles.  Robin is a good photographer also.  She''s sharing some of her photos.  You don't want to miss it.  Also,  she has some great elephant photos on her blog.  Maybe find them by doing a search on her blog.

Anyway,  I didn't want you to miss these fun photos.  I would love to see Africia.  Robin is kind enough to share it with us.  xoxx PJ

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