Wednesday, February 22, 2012

yesterday in the studio...

Is Sweetie getting fat or what?  Do you see those rolls that I see?  Way too many midnight snacks.   Ok,  he's officially on a diet and a leash.  No more eating all day,  then leaving me presents that I don't want.  More info that you wanted?  LOL  Me too!

Yesterday in the studio,  I thought I'd be so smart.  I'd take my camera with me,  take a few shots as I went along painting that small landscape,  graining frames, and varnishing two paintings.  I was snapping photos everywhere.  I know I took great ones.
While doing all the work,  I was feeling so smug.  I had plans of doing a very colorful post, lots of photos, different stages of a painting...   Got finished with the work in the studio,  headed to my office/bedroom.  Hoping to catch the boys (chihuahuas) posing, planning on sneaking up on them getting some really candid photos... I clicked on the camera.  It says as plain as day,  NO MEMORY CARD.
I refuse to tell you how many times that has happened to me.  No, not even if you beg.  LOL  It makes me feel foolish each and every time.  Most times I get the card out of the computer and head back to the studio and reshoot.  No,  I don't get mad.  That's a waste of time.  I just pretend I'm going to take much better photos the second time around.
Last night none of that happened.  Yep,  the card is back in the camera,  but no new photos.  Today I will take much better photos.  LOL  See,  it works.  xoxx PJ

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