Wednesday, March 21, 2012

art journal page

This page got wilder by the minute.  I was watching a movie, was really getting into it... picked up a gold pen by mistake... well, I liked it.  No Rules.  Wish I could get the gold and silver to shine on the photo,  but couldn't get it to work.
On the top right corner I did black wiggy lines,  then added a silver line in between the black.  Looks cool when it shines.
The stars were a last minute decision.  I can never get enough stars,  so I tend to not put them on doodles. Guess that's the way to use them,  when there's barely any room left.  giggles
I love to doodle with a white pen on a black surface. Gesso a canvas (use black gesso) to make it a little smoother.  Wait a few hours or over night to make sure it's very dry.  Don't want to ruin a good white pen.  Then zendoodle like crazy.  It just pops!  I love a black back ground.
Ya'll have a great day,  a creative day.  Share a smile with somebody.  :-)  I just did!  pj

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