Sunday, March 18, 2012

A book case...

Do you like bookcases?  You know,  the kind that has room for more than just books.  I love book cases.  From floor to ceiling.  I've always wanted a wall with nothing but book cases.  I love to see my books when I walk thru the room.  In a cupboard,  they're hid and I forget how many I have.

So we were talking about doing one wall in the living room.  R even said he'd do it.  But I live in reality.  That would mean after all the other projects on the list.  It would end up meaning... one of these days.  I kinda wanted to see them before I die. giggle.  Sooooo,  I came up this idea.

Got the idea of taking the doors off of this punched tin cupboard.  Yea!!!  I have a bookcase.  Looks good, works great, nice and deep,  even has drawers,  and it didn't cost a dime.  Now I will be forced to buy more books,  of course.  I'll suffer thru...  I probably neeeeed more art books. smile

This is a Texas daybed I've had for a while. Love this one.  It has a mattress built to fit it.  Always wanted pillows,  so it could be used for a sofa.  You know how expensive pillows are.  I got really lucky and found these. Not one of them cost more than $15,  most about $10.  I felt like I stold them.  giggle.  The trash can is covered in old stamps.  Really old stamps.  They must have sealed it with shellac since the stamps are yellowed.  Which adds to over all look of it.  It's one of my prized possions.

Ok,  enough showing off for one day.  Thanks for letting me share my treasures.   Ya'll have a fabulous Sunday! © PJ Hornberger 

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