Monday, March 5, 2012

more art journal...

Got photos of more progress on this art journal.  I'm having way too much fun with this.  Wait until you see what that Tulip beads in a bottle  does.  It's really fun stuff.  I'll be putting 'beads' on everything.

 The photo is a little grainy looking because I'm using low resolution.  
oops... I missed a few dots. It looks like I put a gold bead on the spots I had already done. They dry hard.  I think you can use it on fabric.  I'll be trying that out soon.

 One side beads,  the other side Zendoodles = Fun
The back ground on this looks fast and easy to do. It's similar to free motion quilting.  It takes forever. LOL  I always get a cramp in my hand.  But give it a try anyway.  I like the way it looks.
For both of these I used Faber Castile brush points to color the background.  On the top one,  I used a UniBall Signo 207.  I didn't want to give it over night to dry... so it was sprayed with Krylon Clear,  then blow dryed.  Well, it smelled,  so I ended up waiting over night anyway. LOL When I colored the background it left a residue on the top.  I wiped it off with a paper towel.  Didn't smear the black ink.  Infact,  it made the gold look better.  

I'd really appreciate your comment on the signature on the photos.  Just want to know if it keeps you from enjoying the art.  thanks for your help. 

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Lisa D. said...

Looks great!

Michele said...

Hi PJ,

Thought I would throw my 2 cents in about the watermarks.

I hate them and everything they stand for. They idea that folks think they can help themselves to the work of others and call it their own is reprehensible. The, "I didn't know I couldn't do that excuse" has more than worn thin with me.

Sadly, when I see watermarked images, my response has become, "There's an artist protecting their work."

I also think with the rise of Pinterest and other photo sharing sites that putting a watermark with your site's URL is the best way to go. That way if the picture finds it's way to someplace it shouldn't, anyone viewing it will be able to backtrack to the source.

I hate the way it sorta damages the overall look of things but I always try to put my watermarks more in the middle of the picture where it would be impossible to simply crop off.

Hope that helps,


PJ Hornberger said...

Lisa, thank you! I forgot how much I love to art journal!

PJ Hornberger said...

Michele, I would hug you, if I could. LOL You got what I was trying to say.
I'm with you, they can crop your signature off too easily if it's not on there just right. I don't think I'm left with any choice if I'm going to sell my art on the internet.
Thanks so much for your input.