Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, all day...

Hey!  How was your Saturday?  Fun?  Relaxing? Don't even tell me that you worked.  Not me.  Didn't do a thing.  Had great ambition,  but the nap won.  That nap in the morning felt so good,  I took another one in the afternoon.  It was such a good decision. :)  I just love it when I get things right!  Don't you?! tee hee

Was suppose to go to the very best party tonight at Leftovers.  It's a gorgeous shop on 290 coming outta Brenham.  That place will take your breath away.  Ed & Michael make the shop a treat for your eyes, and your home.  You'll want to bring everything back with you.  If you're ever in the area,  don't miss it.  In the area... as in within 100 miles.  Yes,  it is worth it.  So,  I'm missing the best party of all.  There are lots of parties during all the antique shows,  but I think theirs is the best.

You know how sometimes your gown just feeeeels so gooood?  Well,  mine must be purring, cause I'm not about to leave it.  LOL  Oh,  another party invite!!  It Fits! is having their Grande Open House Party on Tuesday night. April 3rd.  Molly,  with Robert's help has opened the best fashion shop ever!  You've gotta come see how good it looks.  I think the party starts around 6.  Don't miss it!  I'll be there,  minus the gown.  I'll have party clothes on.

We're watching movies.  1st one was 'A Murder of Crows'  with Cuba Gooding.  Loved that movie.  Now we're watching 'The Mountain' with Spencer Tracy.  So far, good.

Ya'll have a great Saturday night.  A movie or two,  and a homemade BLT.... gotta be heaven! xo

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