Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sissy Ann.. a folk painting

'Sissy Ann'                      by PJ Hornberger © 2012

Sissy Ann was a treat to paint. I was trying a new style (for me) of layering paint. I started thinking she was going to have about an inch of paint on her face. Thank goodness I just kept painting, blending, and looking for the face that I knew was there. For a few minutes, she looked a little too old for whom I had in mind. More color and blending took off several years.  Then all of a sudden, there she was. Looking proud that she had come thru all that blending looking so pretty.  

I think that green for her dress does her justice. That took some mixing, add a little of this, little of that, more mixing. I never mind all that when it comes out looking that good. 

I'm not formerly trained. I'm completely self taught. I don't use a color wheel. I use my instinct. If it feels right to me, it is right. I don't use rules. Well, I guess I do use one. To not offend anyone with my art. I'm not talking about someone thinking hot pink is offensive. 

A long time ago, I stopped allowing someone to play artist over my shoulder.  Kind of like a back seat driver.  It just doesn't work for me.  That's the heavenly part of being self taught.  You get to say, "No, I don't do that."  giggles...

Sure hope you like Sissy Ann, cause I do. I used Golden Heavy and Open acrylics with some matte medium for blending. I used charcoal to sketch her. I love working with charcoal. I love how it looks under the paint, and over the paint. It's a great shading tool. 

Sissy Ann will be on in just a few minutes. PJ


Bad Jones Rising said...

THOSE EYES! I love how simple and sincere your work is PJ. I never know what to expect, birds, fish, polka dots, or watermelons. I do know that I am always pleasantly surprised and you are one of my favorite folk artists. I am proud of you for learning new things all the time and staying positive. You are an asset to the art community and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. <3

PJ Hornberger said...

I think you just made my whole week. Thank you so much! We all have to reach out there and learn a little something new, or we don't grow. Gotta grow your art just like a garden. Big hug to you, and a fabulous day too. ❤

Red W said...

I second that... and then some...♥ Down to earth, no nonsense, straight up and forward you always go! It's a pleasure to know you!

PJ Hornberger said...

Aw, Red. Thank you. I think you just described yourself, sweetie. You work harder than anybody I know. big hug. ❤