Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video soon...

Okay, my brain is slipping... LOL  I had planned on making a video of that Crow pecking apples.  Then Richard wasn't feeling well,  I wasn't either.  Whine....
Some how I forgot about it.  A friend reminded R today that people need to see how it works.  She's so right.  So.  I think tomorrow shall be the day.  So it's 1:00 am,  guess I need to shut these eyes so they'll open tomorrow before noon.  LOL
The landscape painting,  the one I just showed.  It's going to the nicest folks in Louisiana.  I love when my art goes to people I really like and admire.  Makes me feel good.
That will be the last small landscape I do for awhile.  Got stuff in my head (ideas) that need to be done.  I forgot,  gotta go close my eyes.... LOL
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Bad Jones Rising said...

Its okay to be behind! I have been MIA for 2 weeks! I can't wait for the video! I am making a new sketchbook video for my Vimeo page so we can motivate each other. Take care and talk to you soon. Xo