Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wonderful place for my Art!

It Fits! Fashion for Real Women
is  the most eclectic, fun, inspiring dress shop I have ever seen. It's located in the middle of Henkel Spuare (Round Top, Tx)  in an old Texas red barn.  Inside it's still a barn, but.... with lots of class.  The best clothes. Lots of cotton, flax, fun jewelry, bags, shoes, and scarves that I love.

Mixed in is great antiques (that I want)  plus my art.  I have a whole corner that shows up from every angle.  Richard was amazed that everything fit,  and didn't look crowded.  The trick is,  I sit, point, he hangs.  I do price tags,  he attaches them.  lol  It's a system we've been using for years.  Cuts our time in half.  

I took wonderful photos without the memory card in the camera.  lol   duh...  I didn't know that until I had my gown on last night.  lol   Plus I was going to do a video of how that The Crow Eats an Apple autorama.  The battery was dead. LOL  Those two things weren't meant to happen,  I think.  

So,  I promise there are photos to come!  Now everything is charged and ready to go.  Some days are like that.  And that's ok.  I had the energy to put my spot together, with Richard's help.  That I am thankful for,  and I'm thankful for having such a fun place for my art.  

And I'm thankful for ya'll.  Ya'll are the best! xoxo PJ

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