Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A couple of new digi paintings...

The Wildman of your dreams... Colorful,  a thinker, a man with things on his mind,  a need for fun and adventure... You do too love him...

The glitter isn't this bright,  the painting isn't this dark.  Shoulda reshot it,  huh?  Well...  next time,  as my honey lips says.  He's cooking,  I'm staying out of the kitchen.  After 38 years,  we have some things  worked out.  

Hope ya'll are having the very best Merry Little Christmas ever.  And everyone is being nice and sweet.  Not fair to ask for a miracle on Christmas, is it?  Ok.  Here's hoping they're going home very soon with lots of leftovers  and you don't slam any fingers in the door as these so special favorite relatives pass thru on their merry way.  Don't let them forget anything.  If they do,  claim you never ever found it.  Goodwill is packed with that kinda stuff this time of year.  They do good things,  give them all of it.  They (Goodwill) won't take the screaming kid,  so make double sure he's buckled in... twice.  And the dog.  You can't mail the dog to them.  Get that sucker in that SUV.  He's ate your sofa so he'll sleep all the way home.  Yes, he peed on it too.  So they won't need potty stops.  If you drugged the kid like I said,  he won't need a potty break either.  

Now double lock the door, unplug the door bell,  and put out the 'house 4 sale'  sign.  Try to relocate before the holidays next time.  Not that you don't want to see those dear sweet relatives...  was that thunder I heard?

Please make donations at the 'not so good writers ass.'  on PJHornbergerFolkart.com  Anything will be greatly appreciated.  

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