Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fibromyalga Monsters

So far I've done these three paintings of struggles with Fibromyalga.  The same struggles thousands of women and some men fight every day,  all day. 
It isn't being researched enough.  I guess everyone that has some kind of disease feels that same way.  

Doing these paintings make me feel better some how.  I'm hoping it does the same for other Fibro somebodies.  I know,  most writers would call us Fibro patients,  Fibro sufferers,  Fibro victims.   I don't care for any of those titles.  Fibro doesn't have me.  I have Fibro.  It's not going to win.  Don't put me on the list.  giggles

If you have met the Fibro Monster from personal experience or a loved one has,  feel free to copy all or any of these Fibro paintings.  Share them.  Post them.  Give me credit, please.  If I've missed a bad present the Fibro Monster has given you or a friend,  leave a comment or email.  I'll add it to the next Fibro Monster painting I do.  

Now on to better things.  What's up for you tomorrow?  Whatever it is,  make it fun.  Or give yourself a treat for doing it even when you didn't want to.  Be your best friend... all day,  every day.  Then pass it on. xo  PJ

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