Thursday, December 13, 2012

what do you do? really?

Have you seen this?

Please take the time to watch it now.  Yes, now.  You'll betoo busy later.  Then you'll forget about it.  Which I almost did.

It's really important for lots of good reasons.  
One of them is,  so you won't regret not knowing about this if and when this happens and you're standing there not knowing what you should be doing. 
 I don't want to be that person,  and I know you don't either.  So let's all watch it.  Heck,  wouldn't hurt to 
watch it twice.  

Then it would be really nice to forward it to friends, family, even the neighbors.  Address it BCC (blind carbon copy)  so 
the spammers don't get your mailing list. 
 Then just think of all the people that you've helped be better prepared to help save a life.
  We all want to be a part of that.  

Thanks in advance.  And the person you'll save 
thanks you.

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