Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Folk Art Living Room redo...

The Day Bed is a Texas antique.  The chair on the left is a reproduction by a well
known furniture maker. 
I (PJ Hornberger) carved the Tramp Art Mirror Frame on the left.  I also painted the black bald headed
man,  Abe painted on buttons, and the Daylilies on the top row.  I also carved the small Pig in the blue
wagon on the book table.
The Devil and Crow Tree are carved by Shane Campbell.  Then men standing  by the tree
I  (PJ Hornberger)  carved.  The small chairs under the tree were built by Richard Hornberger.
The Violin Player is by a well known artist.  I'll add his name later.  sorry.

The Bottle Cap Basket came from Georgia.  The flower painting is by Alicia H.  The pine table is a 2 board top
from Louisiana.  
The purse is by Marie Jeff,  the Apple and Arrow is by me/PJ Hornberger,  the cane is by Sam the Dot Man,  the fish is by Alicia H. ,  the other two paintings I can't remember the folk artists names.  Living with a folk art collection is like magic.  It gets better every time you see it.

Living with Folk Art

Richard did the floor out of plywood cut into 12 inch squares,  then painted with house paint,  then screwed down.  I wanted black screws so they would show.  Then he paste waxed it. I wanted it to show some wear before varnishing it.

Get your folk art collection started today.

Happy New Year!

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