So glad you're here. Now let's talk about me.  LOL  Love how I sneak up on the subject, huh? 
I was born an artist and a cook.  Made China berry pies and made the kid down the street eat 'em.  He was kinda slow,  but he lived over my cooking.  
When I could sneak a butter knife outta of MOTHER's kitchen,  I sat on the back porch carving sticks and talking to the dog.  That dog knew a lot of stuff.  I was crazy about pens and lots of paper.  Still am.  Love pens, all pens, paint, paper... and really good soft pencils.  Ok,  enough about my addictions.
My art is necessary.  Being creative is who I am.  No choices.  I have to be creating something or I'm not happy, whole, or nice.  Example:  If I worked for the highway dept.  I'd rearrange those orange cones all day long. LOL 
My art is rarely serious.  I love lots of color,  art that makes you smile more than once.  It should make you feel something.  When folk art is right,  it gets better every year you live with it.  Just like an old friend.  
And don't be calling my stuff cute.  LOL  Cute is for puppies, and kids.  Not art. 
Now have yourself a great day. xoxoox