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PJ Hornberger Art Store/gallery
hwy. 290  Carmine, Texas
halfway between Houston and Austin
1 hour 20 minutes from either direction

7 days a week by chance or appointment
early until late

I check emails more than the answering machine, 
but try either one.
979.278.3466    pj@industryinet.com  

Well,  excuse me,  but scratch out all of the above info.  Yes, I still live in the leaning house on hwy. 290 next to my cute cute little purple building.  Still have my pet chicken Ethel Louise.  And the herd of Chihuahuas.  And Shirley the cat that will not die.

As you know,  I LOVE change.  Just love doing it different.  Biz,  the biz part of my folk art crazy stuff.  I think it's called marketing or something similar.  

R has retired from keeping the gallery open.  Customers told on him.  So that got him fired,  but he says he quit.  It's a draw.  

Anyway,  due to a few health issues,  and my crankiness,  I don't wanna do it either.  I want to make art.  Folky stuff.  Good stuff.  Expensive stuff.  Real tired of doing small and smaller.  giggles.  

So this here is the question of life... or what's your opinion.  Truly,  I want your opinion.  Your input in this counts big time.  Most of you have watched me for years reinvent PJ.  Well,  I won't be cross dressing,  but I neeeeed a change.

Here it is.  God I'm so sorry I'm long winded.  Texans love to tell stories.  I'm the worst.  But hang in there,  I'll get to it.

My idea of heaven right now is to do folk art that I love,  sell it online, news letters, maybe a gallery or two.  Depends on how much I produce.   Then there's my little purple building just sitting there.  I've been asked for years to teach some classes.  Fun stuff.  More of it being encouragement,   showing how you can do it.  How not to compare your's to theirs.  Lots of creative people hanging out together.  Sharing.  Me sharing how I did it,  what might work for you,  or help you figure out what you do want to do with your art.  
Or some classes will just be slap paint and drink some wine and tell big lies.  

What it won't be is:  PJ's gonna paint a painting for me. I don't want to do what the class is about,  I wanna do something different. I be the Queen,  the only Queen tee hee

I'll include in the flyers B&B's,  resturants,  other great shops.  Those will be in the hot pink mail box in the front of the shop.  Plus they'll be on here,  and FaceBook,  Pinterest,  and maybe Twitter when I learn how to use it. giggles

Now I just need your input.  Your ideas.  Your help getting the word out,  sharing it with friends, and bringing friends.

I want to try kid classes (they have to bring an adult)  Making videos of the future Picasso's to send to Gandparents.  

As you can see,  my ideas runth over.  giggles.  Oh shoot!  I forgot.  I also want to have in my home/studio/class room open house/show twice a year,   maybe more.  What'cha think?  Need some help with the dates.  What do you think?  We have that huge antique show 2 weeks or more in the spring and fall.  Middle of March 'till April.  Then late Sept. to Oct.  

So,  these photos are what my gallery did look like.  Not any more.  It's trashed,  but we're getting there.   It'll be fun,  I promise!!!

 yes, I am kinda over the moon about this chandelier... love that!
 I think you can click on the photos for a larger view... it's suppose to work...
 now I wanna paint a rug EVERYWHERE...
 is that door cool or what?  R's idea...

 ok, ok... but I knew you wanted to see it one more time... giggles


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It sure looks spiffy. I expect to see you become very famous internationally. Good luck and God bless!

PJ Hornberger said...

Oh, thank you. Got so many ideas I wanna do, my ears are smokin'. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. xo