This is my former studio. giggles.  I'll be posting photos of my new studio... a WIP (work in progress) on the front page.  

So sorry this page hasn't been working.  Today it will be, for sure!  Maybe keep your fingers crossed....

My new studio is in my former dining room.  With 4 doors....1 on each wall,  not a lot of floor space.  No closet.  2 windows.  One looking at the neighbor,  the other looks into the dining room.  Teehee.... Maybe I should show you the photos....  Since I have you totally confused.

I like this studio for lots of reasons.  When I walk out my bedroom door,  I'm in my studio. Kinda hard to ignore what you're suppose to be working on... haha.  I'm in the middle of everything.  I know what the dogs are doing.  Well,  I pretend I do.  R loves to borrow my tools.... guess why.  teehee
I'm organized,  he's not.  

Because of lack of floor space,  I really really organized this baby.  And it works.  Works so well.  I can see everything.  If I use it often, it's within arms reach.  Everyday I like this studio more.  

My advice,  stop dreaming of that  one of these days... glorious studio to die for,  that costs a ton of money.  That's not doing art.  That's decorating what you think a "studio" is.   I started out on the dining table,  that we actually ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at.  So my stuff had to be moved,  so we could eat as a family.  That was my tiniest.  Then I moved up to a folding table. You get the picture.  Little steps.  It was and still is all about doing ART.  Not looking cute.  

 Yep,  I get to work under my chandelier. tee hee The shade is for photos.  The table is for that,  plus drying paint, and cutting fabric.  I have a thick piece of clear plastic to use when I paint there.
All the craft/crappy scissors are in that bucket.  You can cut anything with those.  My fabric scissors are in my sewing table drawer with NO NO NO written all over them.  Ya gotta be firm. teeheehaha
 French door leads into the LR.  The black book case, under the inspiration board,  holds stamps, ink pads, etc.  Things I don't use often.  
 This movable cart is heaven. I pull it closer to my side to be able to reach paint/mediums so I don't clutter my table.  A person/artist can run outta room to work... Blue Painters tape came from Heaven...  I promise.  It will do anything, and more.
 R just redid this for me. My back was suffering from bending to hunt beads.  So now the fabric is there,  the beads are on the lowest shelf on the wall.  Heaven...  I also pull this cart to where I need it.
 My sewing table.  My buttons=Love
 Wooden advertising very old wrench. Thought R
would love it...nope.... I do. teehee
 My friend and the stuff I don't use everyday are up outta the way.
 Made this after I saw one at a show.  I wanted hers so bad, she didn't want to sell.  Couldn't blame her.  It was fabulous!

 Reminded me of a needle...
 Sewing area that you saw in smaller photos.
 Looking into the living room.
 Got to have this turn table/lazy Susan/whatever.  ( IKEA ) It holds whatever I need NOW.  I only load it with things I use often, and need quickly.
 This holds my everything. teehee  Gotta have my cubby hole.  I've also used it as a wine rack.  The studio won.
 Yes,  the scissors are metal.  I think they were part of a trade sign. They actually open and close.... but don't cut so good. teehee  
 Door that leads into the kitchen. The striped piece is my kitchen pantry cupboard.  The wooden ball and chain is carved from one piece of wood.  Actually the ball was laminated to make a piece large enough.  
 This is looking at the bedroom door.  Just added the small table on the left behind where I work.  You cannot believe what I can do on that tiny table. I've also moved most of this junk off of my work table.  I love to organize.  Makes me work so much faster,  be able to concentrate and be creative!  
 This shelf is working into being my new best friend.  I store stuff on it, use it for drying things if I'm in a pinch for space.  Plus I can SEE what's there from my chair.  I may have to give that shelf a name...
Those shelves (top right hand corner)  hold all kinds of paper, drawing pads, notes.  See my little suitcases lined up?  I decoupaged the 2nd one.  The brown one is waiting it's turn.  

When and if I do changes, better organizing,  etc....   I'll add photos, and take off the ones that don't work anymore.  

I hope this gives you some ideas, inspiration.  A card table in the corner of the washroom, bedroom, top of the stairs, in the garage, anywhere can be a studio.  If you make it yours.  Don't share.  You're the artist.  It's about your art.  Make it important, or nobody else will.  Questions?

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